Matlin Software Services

A provider of software related services
Matlin Software Services has been supplying businesses with general and web related programming services for over 20 years.
Specializing in small jobs requiring quick turnaround, especially for javascript, css, WordPress, php, and perl.
Our company can:
  • Develop, repair, and maintain your client/server applications using PHP, Perl, MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX), CSS, and HTML. We specialize in simplifying your code for improved operation and maintenance.
  • Provide web application testing, including: test development; security, functional, and cross browser testing; manual and automated (Selenium) testing. Our testing methods serve to perfect your programs, ensure their smooth running, uncover potential problems, and protect you and your customers.
  • Construct your web site using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for fluid, responsive layouts, providing the most flexibile designs. Our web building expertise results in a professional web site for you.
  • Develop utility programs for your projects that might require data format translation, file manipulation, or text extraction.
We deliver:
  • Reliable results — Consistently good quality and execution. With our wide range of experience in programming languages, applications, and quality, you receive solutions that work well and can be maintained over time.
  • Dependable performance — Can be trusted to do or provide what is needed. We determine your needs and meet our commitments. Your questions receive answers, messages get replies. If you've dealt with contractors who disappear for days or weeks, you understand why this is important.
  • Excellent communication — Understandable, comprehensible, timely exchanges. There's a lot of good software talent available around the world. But to make the best use of that talent, you have to be able to communicate clearly and quickly.

If you have any programming requests or questions, please contact us at