I have designed and built many web sites and applications. On this site you will find several examples, such as this static HTML site and a database driven application. These are intentionally simple and sparse. Many sites are very busy, with too much on each page. While it is nice to provide a lot on information without having to click through many pages, too much information makes it hard to know where to go.

In addition to creating web sites, I have extensive experience in scripting, which you would find useful when performing tasks such as transferring data from one database to another. I routinely use languages like Perl, ruby, awk, and Python and shells such as csh and MS-DOS. Each has its advantages and disadvantages; some are better for small jobs, others for larger jobs. Most can run on all the common operating systems: Linux, Windows, and Mac. When all other things are equal, I opt for the one that I know is likely to be most portable.

While I have a wide variety of programming experience, I also have a good background in quality, both in software and business in general. One of the most significant quality practices I have adopted is that all my code is built to be tested at least at the lowest level. While this might seem to slow down code generation, it actually helps most projects go faster, especially larger projects. Remember the saying, "A stitch in time saves nine?" The earlier code is tested, the less it will have to be reworked.

For details of my experience, please review my resume.