Robert Matlin

Technical Skills

  • Computer languages and shells: Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, C; bash, c shell, DOS.
  • Web technologies: Perl, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Apache.
  • Software testing: manual, unit, automated, Selenium, junit, WinRunner.
  • Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and their Open Source equivalents.


Transaction Wireless, 2014-present

Software QA Manager

  • Test new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the core product as well as implementations based on it.
  • Run tests across browsers and platforms.
  • Use manual tests and Selenium ruby scripts to test browsers singly, Selenium json code to test them in parallel using remote test services.
  • Prepare release notes for scheduled releases.
  • Work with customers to ensure their testing requirements are met.

Independent Contractor 2002-2014

  • Added data collection plugin to a WordPress site.
  • Added subscription option to an ecommerce site using cybersource.
  • Maintained a real estate license testing service,, which has both a custom shopping cart and a custom testing application.
  • Performed software testing for CashieCommerce ( on web applications.
  • Translated web site from Perl to PHP for Z Option, Inc. ( using CodeIgniter.
  • Performed software testing for WebAssist ( on web applications and Dreamweaver extensions.
  • Updated custom shopping cart for x-grain ( using AJAX (jQuery, custom JavaScript) and PHP.
  • Developed and maintained several web sites and Internet-based applications. Perl, PHP, MySQL.
  • Wrote and performed tests for dataConductor, a web based statistical analysis tool. (See Syntricity Inc. below.) Wrote automated tests using WinRunner. Created standard test data.
  • Developed browser interface in PHP for a network storage application.
  • Enhanced and improved online editor for NextEdit (; mostly PHP. Also introduced source control with subversion.
  • Modified Perl web application to run on Linux and Windows. Added new features and fixed bugs.
  • Wrote several applications in Perl and Java based on customer specifications. Applications included an NNTP client and a script that built web pages based on a directory structure and contents.

Syntricity Inc. San Diego, CA. 1998-2002

Software Developer

  • Designed, built, and tested various portions of dataConductor, a web-based statistical analysis application targeted at semiconductor companies.
  • Wrote a Python interface that allowed scripts to drive the product as an alternative to the browser interface. XML outputs were made accessible through classes that permitted XML tables to be queried like database tables.
  • Addressed basic needs in the product's C library, such as string handling and table construction.
  • Wrote a web-based catalog in Perl with an Oracle back end. Customers loaded their own images and descriptions; displayed pages would format automatically based on the product type (art, cars, etc.).

Quality Engineer

  • Introduced source control (StarTeam), established repeatable testing, and created a release process.
  • Wrote Java servlet-based web applications for both source control and the release process.

Brooktree/Rockwell San Diego, CA. 1986-1998

Quality Engineer/Manufacturing Engineer (4 years)

  • Member of four person ISO 9000 project team.
  • Performed manufacturing simulation using the Promodel software package. Captured production statistics from electronic reports using Perl scripts; constructed simple models to predict how changes in production processes would change processing times.
  • Analyzed manufacturing process times using SAS.

Test Engineer (8 years)

  • Wrote various ATE test programs for RAMDACs, A/D converters, and a few strictly digital devices. Trillium, LTX, Tektronix.
  • Wrote test vector generator in a form similar to Knuth's Web system of structured documentation.


  • Technical editor for two books: "1001 Java Programmer's Tips" and "The Intranet Bible."
  • Contributor to the mjpeg video project (


  • BSEE, Cleveland State University.
  • BA in Mathematics, Cleveland State University.