Web Site Development
Web Site Repair, Maintenance, and Improvement
The bulk of my business has become repairing, maintaining, and improving existing web sites.
People first contact me for a variety of reasons:
  • The contractor they've been working with is no longer available.
  • Their site was built by someone from outside the USA, it works fine, but maintenance is difficult due to communication problems.
  • Their contractor does not respond to requests in a timely manner or perhaps not at all.
  • They're happy with their current support but have run into a problem that hasn't been solved.
  • The site's code is unconventional and hard to understand.
  • Their current support is difficult, unpleasant, or unreliable.
My customers, especially those who have had poor experiences with other contractors and developers, have come to expect:
  • good quality in coding and presentation
  • dependable service
  • good, responsive communication

My strengths are a wide range of experience, adaptability, and an ability to solve problems in reasonable ways in a reasonable amount of time. I'm good at finding the cause of problems, then implementing quick fixes and long term solutions.

To see what some customers think, please see my reviews at guru.com and endorsements at linkedin.com